In England, one person dies every two hours as a result of suicide. When someone takes their own life, the effect on their family and friends is devastating. Many others involved in providing support and care will feel the impact.


We are a charity set up to help with mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Based in Gainsborough but at present covering Lincolnshire. We hold peer to peer, meet and greets, clubs and awareness days.

Our primary goal is to be able to offer support to the community as a whole whether that be with mental health support, suicidal thoughts, family struggles, poverty, well being and social support. housing problems, homelessness, hot meals and food share. We can also assist in benefit advice and mental health services referrals to other professional agencies.

We have a helpline call centre that can help with any enquiries or just befriending and someone to talk too. we can arrange one to one councillor support and can be with you whenever you need us.

If you or someone you know may need some support, guidance or to see someone you can call us free on 0300 365 0019 and one of our support volunteers will happily take you call. Or send us a message through social media or email, we can video chat too.


Suicide is a significant cause of death in young adults, and is seen as an indicator of underlying rates of mental ill-health. Suicide is a major issue for society and a leading cause of years of life lost. Suicide is often the end point of a complex history of risk factors and distressing events, but there are many ways in which services, communities, individuals and society as a whole can help to prevent suicides.

The suicide prevention outcomes strategy has the overall aim of reducing the suicide rate in the general population in England.

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